Stay Home Club Peonies Iron On Patch Pair from Indie Edinburgh

Peonies Iron On Patch Pair

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This beautiful pair of peonies patches look great as part of a larger patch set up, framing other patches or as the main feature on a collar, neckline or pockets. they are approx 12.5cm tall and you get one of each side.

How to iron on patches:
Place the patch where you'd like it and cover it with a piece of scrap fabric or a cotton dish towel to protect it. Apply a hot iron over the patch for approx 1 minute.
Flip the garment over and iron the back for another minute.
Allow the garment to cool and check that your patch is secure.
If its not quite stuck repeat the first 2 steps as necessary until your patch is securely attached.

 It is not recommended that you iron patches onto man-made fibres as the hot iron can damage your garment or bag. In this instance you should stitch your patches in position.