Pin Museum The Birth of Venus Pin available from Indie Edinburgh

The Birth of Venus Enamel Pin

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3.1" x 1.94" Large Soft Enamel Pin

Double Posted Rubber Clasps

Inspired by "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli One of the most famous works of art from the Italian Renaissance, Sandro Botticelli’s (c. 1445-1510) "Birth of Venus" (c. 1484-1486) depicts the Roman goddess Venus shortly after her birth. She is represented as having just emerged from the water, now resting on a large scallop shell. The god Zephyrus floats above her, blowing the wind that pushes her to shore while he carries the nymph Chloris, and the goddess of Spring waits on the land to welcome her. The painting’s emphasis on Venus’s long flowing hair and classically-inspired pose highlights both Botticelli’s interest in contemporary beauty trends and the larger Renaissance interest in classical antiquity. Comes packaged with Pin Museum branded backer card, and a protective polybag.
Made in China